ABOUT THE EASTERN CAPE | Investment sectors

The ECDC Investment Promotion Programme, located in East London, invites you, our potential local or foreign medium to large investor, to take advantage of the Eastern Cape's compelling proposition when you make your next investment. The programme has assisted many investors with identifying and accessing business opportunities within the key sectors of the provincial economy. These investors have leveraged excellent returns on their investments and are enjoying the benefits of investing in a province characterised by positive economic growth.
Offering you quality services at no cost...
The programme is your first point of call for your local and foreign investment needs into the Eastern Cape. At no cost to you, the programme helps you:
  1. Identify business opportunities within the key sectors of the provincial economy
  2. Facilitate and finance joint ventures with local partners
  3. Access investment incentive schemes and local business service networks
  4. Access a diverse portfolio of available land and buildings
  5. Plan Corporate relocations and access aftercare services and
  6. Lobby provincial and national government for relevant interventions.
A targeted approach to growth sectors...
The programme's current targeted sectors, although not exclusively, include:
  • Agro processing
  • Automotive components
  • General manufacturing
  • Tourism
  • Mariculture
  • Greenhouse industries.
These sectors have been identified because of the Eastern Cape's current competitive advantage. Other sectors where the province has significant investment opportunities include:
  • Mohair apparel
  • Hunting/game resorts 
  • Metals, mechanical and metal beneficiation.
This programme is organised around several sectors which are led by highly qualified and knowledgeable sector specialists who will make investing in the province a pleasurable experience. The sectors are:
  • Agriculture and agro-processing
  • General manufacturing, automotives and energy
  • Business Process and Outsourcing, ICT and Film, tourism and cultural industries
  • Aquaculture, fisheries and environmental management.


For more information about the economy, look at the Eastern Cape Socio-economic Review 2017.

For more about our support to investors, go to Trade, investment and innovation.