Development Finance | What our clients say

H&Z Construction owner, Harold Peza, in Mthatha: “ECDC has helped me a lot.  It helped with financing when I was waiting for payment on other jobs.  This allowed me to buy the materials required to push the new job forward."

Mthethunzima Mehlomakhulu, Owner of the Fish & Chips Co in Mount Fletcher: “In August 2013, I picked up the courage to approach ECDC for a loan which was approved. I used the R450,000 loan to buy the franchise and equipment.”

Elliot Sopazi, Owner-Driver for Distell Limited in East London: “After selling the first truck and using the proceeds as a deposit for a second one in 2005, I was fortunate to receive a R867,000 loan from ECDC to buy a new truck last year. This has allowed me to own a modern new truck to service my business.

Mthatha businessman, Manelisi Gibson: “As for ECDC, the “relationship with ECDC is very good. Really, they have been a pillar of strength and I work with them on most projects. They are the people that have made me what I am today. And they are always there.”

Thando Ngxingolo, an East London first-time entrepreneur and owner of ZZZ Induna: “I am delighted with the ECDC relationship. I would definitely work with ECDC again.”

Lunga and Noxolo Spiyale, B&B owners in Quigney: “We heard about ECDC and wanted to test them to see how they could help.  What we found out was surprising. They know what they are doing.  They used the national credit act as a means of gauging our affordability, even though we didn’t have an extensive track record as a business.  They looked at our business plan, listened to our vision and seemed to understand our business.  We never knew a small entity such as ours would be able to get finance for R2 million.”

Marlene Ewers, Co-owner of the Langhurst Estate Bed and Breakfast business in Elliot which was assisted with a loan of nearly R2 and a three-month mentorship programme valued at R13,000: “(ECDC) gave us a soft loan to buy the property which helped a lot in getting the business off the ground.”